Body Piercing
Body Piercing Requirements If Under The Age
of 18
- Both you and your parent or court appointed legal guardian
must produce a valid government issued picture identification showing the
date of birth.  Your legal guardian must also produce a copy of
guardianship papers issued by the court.  If your surname is not the same
as your parents, then you must also bring your birth certificate along with
your parents identification which matches the birth certificate.
Ear Stretching - We stretch ears.  Call us at 562.695.9969 for
more information.
Body Piercing Requirements - If you look under 27 years
of age, you must have a government issued picture identification with you.
Body Piercing Prices - Click here for a list of prices of some
of the piercings we perform.  Please read the requirements below.  A
dermal piercing costs $50, which includes your choice of jewelry.  For
more information call Bangles at 562.695.9969 or check out some of our

body piercing pictures
Piercing Hours - We Please click here for hours.
since 1990